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Software & Tech Customisation

Software Customisation

Looking for solutions on software, apps and hardware? We conceptualize, build and advise our clients on customized innovation solutions. We help companies to:

  • Streamlined and to be competitive, using data-based decision making

  • Implement automated process with Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning systems

  • Enhancing your IT systems, strategize and improve them for reliable and easy maintenance

  • Modernize your operations by incorporating technologies such as IOT, RPA, AI, BI, CI, big data..

  • Upgrade and modernize your software capabilities by training, skill resource augmentation.

Our experienced team has worked on commercial, government projects in product development,  commercializing their intellectual property (IP) and using latest technologies to meet their needs.

Technologies include:

  • Software - Large Language  Models (LLMS) eg ChatGPT, Neural Architectures, Generative/Face/Feedback/Summarize AI, Big Data, IOT solution, UI/UX, Mobile Applications

  • Hardware - Robotics, Embedded Electronics, Rapid Prototyping using 3D-printing, etc.

  • Other Services includes  – Rapid prototyping, Plastic Injection molding with precision, Ink-printing and packaging solution.

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