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The logistics services will manage the flow of your products to optimize productivity, while ensuring compliance to Good Distribution Practice (GDP / GDPMDS). Our dedicated team will assist you with the importation and exportation of your products to the country of destination to the distributors, sub-distributors, hospitals, clinics or consumers.
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 Medical Sales Rep
Allow the professional sales team to assist your company in business development. Our sales expert will ensure success of your company by making sale pitches as well as building good relationships with customers. We also provide training advisory to your existing sales team based on our expertise in the certain product categories and work with you to deliver the best we can.
We believe that a good customer service will make your customers feel valued and would encourage more sales.
Direct billing to hospital
We provide billing services to your customers in case you need assistance from us for your company or to tap on our local entity In-Country Representation companies in the countries where we can serve. 
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Other Services

Authentication of document process can be complicated. We connect our clients to authentication services such as notarisation, legalisation, apostille of important documents including Free Sale Certificate and ISO certificates for submission to the authorities.
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Factory setup
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Connecting you directly to the Medtech and BioPharma Contractors for manufacturing facilities design and set-up in the Asia region. The contractor will work with the quality, process, risk assessment, system and software validation experts. The expert team consists of individuals that has experiences as the regulator and notified bodies auditor, and joined the biopharma and medtech industry. 
Process Validation
We have a team of specialists that can assist on the Master Validation Plan, process verification and validation of manufacturing processes and practices to help your company complies with the local and international quality requirements such as GMP, US QSR and ISO13485. 
Business Meeting
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Allow MedtechBOSS to manage and support you with medical device regulations in ASEAN, Asia and the rest of the world. We emphasize on the importance of having a good regulatory system to help you achieve the best results in the most efficient way. Our "one-stop service" business approach will guide medtech companies through every step of the regulatory process to achieve regulatory compliance.
Our regulatory services includes regulatory strategy planning, preparation of pre-market and post-market documents for submission to authorities, as well as structured procedures with the stakeholders, partners and distributors to meet the regulatory and quality requirements for the product and compliance to the authority.
Company Incorporation
We have connections to legal, company secretary and accountant to advise on the company set-up. Our team can link you with the appropriate leads to start a new business venture. 
Should you need IT solution and government grant awareness information, you can talk directly with the relevant agencies.
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We provide translation services for important documents to be used in the market required. 
Distribution Search
Our extensive network can assist you in locating a suitable distributor in the market that you want to penetrate. 
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Support Service
Group Discussion
Our dedicated support team will assist you whether regulatory or administrative work. We have been helping companies on-site or off-site as their department or temporary support team where they are in needs of help. 

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Business Development Consultant 

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